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Milestones Are On My Mind

Graduations. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Personal milestones provide reason to celebrate. A chance to look back at achievements and to look forward to what’s next.

But why wait until a major personal milestone to celebrate wins or acknowledge progress?

On October 29, 2020, I wrote about using that evening’s blue moon as a milestone for setting a long-term—and potentially big—goal that would be achieved before the next blue moon, which takes place this evening.

On the occasion of tonight’s blue moon, I hope you’ll join me by taking a moment to reflect back. What’s different for you since the last blue moon? With the benefit of a rearview mirror, what small changes have added up to big wins for you?

Here’s my list:

  • In the category of personal growth, I am pretty darn proud that I’ve learned to knit.

  • For professional accomplishments, I crossed the threshold of 500 coaching hours to earn my PCC (professional coaching certification) from the International Coaching Federation.

  • Topping the list—and for which I am most grateful and take no credit—is the June 2022 birth of our fourth grandchild and namesake, Owen Pace Hayes.

What’s on your highlight reel? I'd love to hear.


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