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I can’t wait to hear more about you. In the meantime, here’s a bit about me.


“ EO is a secret weapon and an invaluable source of strength and expertise to propel and manage any type of career transition or evolution.”


– Catherine, investor relations professional

I combine my extensive management, leadership and communications experience with a coaching style that’s practical and designed to accelerate growth. I take a highly organized approach to every assignment and consistently aim to redefine what is possible. I would say the most valuable aspect of my approach is getting my clients to see what I see in them, and to use that newfound potential to move themselves forward.

When a newly promoted client needed to pivot from peer to boss, we worked to elevate her executive presence and find confidence in her vision for the team. When a high-potential leader landed his dream job and was unsure how to maximize the opportunity, we devised a specific plan to do just that.


Before I embarked on my coaching career, I held multiple positions at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), most recently as chief of staff and deputy director for Corporate Communications.

I also bring an entrepreneurial spirit to my coaching. I ran my own marketing consulting business for four years. And, up until a few years ago, I was co-founder of Studio E Partners, a small business that brought together fine artists and collectors at open studio and pop-up events.


As for my coaching credentials, I am a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) and I hold a professional certified coach (PCC) designation from the International Coaching Foundation. I am certified to administer EQi 2.0, the Emotional Quotient Inventory. I earned my BA from the University of Virginia and MS in Marketing from Johns Hopkins.


So, that’s me. Now it’s your turn to tell me your story. What are you wishing for

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