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Wishes Come True...

“When I found myself at a career crossroads, I knew I needed help. I was initially shy about letting someone else in on my own self-doubts and messy process. But EO met me exactly where I was, and really listened to what I had to say. Rather than offering cookie-cutter solutions, she made a plan that was tailored and personal to me.


EO’s style is direct but kind, and her honesty is always tempered with good humor. She has an uncanny ability to help understand and identify problems quickly, both the problems themselves and the problematic way you may be approaching them. Best of all, she guides you to become more self-aware, which leads to deeper self-reflection and ultimately better outcomes. In addition to landing my dream job, working with EO has fundamentally changed how I see myself and my place in the professional world.” 

~Catherine, investor relations professional

More Testimonials

 "Elisabeth helped me set goals, held me accountable to them, and cheered me on as I had successes and kept me moving forward when I had setbacks. I'm not sure I would have kept going without her support."

– Helena, Marketing VP
“Working with EO has increased my confidence. It’s also allowed me to break unhelpful habits and build positive ones. And, since EO looked at things from a different perspective, I always learned something, whether big or small.”

– Michelle, communications professional
 “It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the day to day of work and the goals of my company that sometimes I forget about my own personal progress. Coaching has helped me become a stronger leader, feel more confident in my work and reinvest in myself.” 

– Rachel, educator
"EO helped me 'buff out some rough edges' and taught me how to work with senior level executives in a way that helped me influence decisions.”
–Becki, financial services professional
 “Working with Elisabeth has been transformative for me. My approach to the job search is much more strategic and systematic than it would have been otherwise. And, I think this new skillset and strategic focus will carry over to other parts of my professional life.” 
– Ben, data scientist
“Elisabeth has a unique talent for listening and asking ‘spot-on’ questions… questions that helped me find my own answers and helped me to move forward in directions that made sense to me in meeting my goals.”
– Kathy, entrepreneur and business owner
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