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3 Leadership Lessons from Golf

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

In the mid-Atlantic, golf season is winding down, which has me reflecting on some lessons learned.

Golf—like leading and managing people—is harder than it looks. For amateur golfers (and new leaders) success depends on focus, consistency and confidence.

Here’s what I carry forward from the golf course to workplace:

  • Focus on learning. You’re going to make bad decisions (or hit bad shots) and that’s okay, if you give yourself grace and you learn from them. The best leaders—and golfers—are lifelong learners. Are you turning bad decisions into learning opportunities?

  • Practice consistently. It’s not easy to be a great leader (or golfer). It takes intentionality, dedication and consistent practice. What leadership skills are you practicing and developing now? What do you want to be better at a year from now?

  • Invest in yourself. This year, my golf coach helped me not only improve my swing mechanics, he also taught me to be more strategic with my game plan, which has increased my confidence. Just as athletes have coaches who help them improve their performance, business professionals gain confidence and clarity more quickly with a coach.

If you’re curious about how coaching can help you reach your career goals, schedule a brief introductory call with me.

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