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Leadership Coaching

Whether you're stepping into a new role, leading a new team or motivated to level-up your leadership skills, coaching gives you space and time to get out of the weeds and take intentional steps to boost your effectiveness as a leader. 

Focus areas might include:

  • Developing next-level leadership skills

  • Transforming team culture

  • Improving employee engagement

  • Cultivating more productive relationships

  • Navigating interpersonal dynamics and office politics

Career Transitions

Whether you're just beginning a job search or at a crossroads in your career, we will create an action plan that aligns your values and priorities.

Goals might include:

  • Mapping out career path options

  • Creating a job search strategy

  • Building job-search toolbox (elevator pitch, resume, LinkedIn profile)

  • Developing a compelling narrative

  • Navigating promotion/job change

  • Aiming talents and strengths toward opportunities

Coaching for Women

In many ways, women (generally and unconsciously) behave in ways that hold us back. If you would like to shift those tendencies and find your voice at the table, coaching will help you: 

  • Hone your leadership skills

  • Develop confidence

  • Gain recognition and visibility

  • Enhance your influencing skills

  • Increase your executive presence

Leadership Coachng
Career Coaching
Coaching for Women
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