When it comes to your career,

it's not enough to

wish for change.

Sometimes, it takes a seasoned coach, a thoughtful mentor and a relentless champion. Someone who believes you’ve got what it takes to go where you thought you couldn’t.

Let’s map out a shared vision, a meaningful partnership, and the achievement of a mutual win that can only be realized if we both succeed in getting you from ho-hum-here to sky’s-the-limit-there.


Because exceptional outcomes are within reach. 


I’m Elisabeth Owen Hayes, but everyone calls me EO.

I’m a leadership and career coach with more than three decades of experience working with c-suite executives and line managers within the financial services industry. I’ve made it my specialty to work with professionals to expand their personal leadership skills, transition into next-level roles and navigate career moves. ​


If you're ready to do more than just wish for things to change, then we already have one thing in common. We're both interested in exceptional outcomes for you. Let's start a conversation.

“Working with Elisabeth has been transformative for me. My approach to the job search is much more strategic and systematic than it would have been otherwise. And, I think this new skillset and strategic focus will carry over to other parts of my professional life.”


– Ben, data scientist




Elevate your leadership skills to be the leader everyone wants to follow.


Pivot to something new with clarity and confidence.



Take charge of your career and find your voice at the table.