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Three Difference-Makers for Great Teams

This week marks Chris and my 23rd wedding anniversary, which has me reflecting on our partnership and some of the things that make us a good team.

Whether you’re a team of two juggling a dual career or a team of many managing a major project, here are three difference-makers for great teams:

  • Contribute your fair share. Chris and I have always taken a divide and conquer approach. We also tend to play to our strengths so that we’re contributing to the household with things we’re each better at—and, therefore, enjoy more. At work and at home, teams are stronger when each member brings their best and is invested in the value of an evenly distributed workload.

  • Ask for what you need. No one I know is a mind reader. If you want support—at home and at work, don’t expect someone to magically know. You have to ask for what you need. And, there is no better way to make someone feel good about themselves than to ask them for help or advice. Helping a teammate brings out the best in all of us.

  • Sometimes it’s the little things. Chris does one small act of kindness for me everyday. It’s an unspoken small gesture like putting my coffee cup by the coffee maker or filling up the car with gas. When you’re working on a team, sometimes it’s a little thing, like calling to say hello or checking in by text, that shows your teammate that you care and are there to support them.

At home and at work, we are stronger when we are aligned with what matters and when we support each other.

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